Submit to Love/Hate Vol.2

Love/Hate explores the positive relationships women have with their tattoos & the negative behaviour, struggles & responses they encounter because of them. Each story is personal & unique. After releasing the first volume in late Summer of 2016 (there's a limited amount of 50 copies available for those who missed out - just click here!), I wanted to keep the door open for future releases if the opportunity arose. So, here we are.

Submissions for Love/Hate Volume 2 are now open to people worldwide & there are 25 spaces. I welcome submissions from female identifying & non-binary folks!

EDIT: As of 24th June there are less than 5 spaces left. If you're planning to submit, please do so ASAP :)


Submissions are to be written only - no illustrations or artwork. Please include your first name, @instagram handle & your city & country. You should also be able to include one photograph of yourself.

Please send complete submissions & photos to:


• Culture, religion, parenthood, relationships, sexuality, body image, careers, education, health, identity... And how your tattoos impact on/intertwine with these things, issues you've faced because of being tattooed, acceptance within yourself/from others, prejudice...
• This is very open & I'm interested in submissions drawn from personal experiences, the above are all meant as pointers to get your ideas flowing!


• Clear, high resolution, portrait format photos, in colour with no filters
• No square format - landscape may be an option
• Taken in well lit conditions/natural daylight
• They don't have to be pro/taken by photographers, but if you already have some from shoots you may have done etc., that's absolutely fine!
• Preferably taken on a digital camera, or a good quality phone camera if that's not possible. Ask around as friends & family may be able to help if you have neither of these
• It's entirely up to you how you pose & what body parts are included. You do not have to show your face if you don't want to, but tattoos should be visible
• Nudity/underwear is fine if you're comfortable with that - just bear in mind this will be distributed fairly widely if Volume 1 is anything to go by. I'm also hoping to secure wholesale orders, as well as selling online.

Word count:

• As little as a sentence to a whole essay. Ideally no more than two sides of A5 at 10 pt text. If you know your submission will be super long, let me know well in advance as it will help me plan out the pages.


• 1st July 2017
• Some flexibility will be possible, but please try your best to meet this as it will help speed the process up.

Interview/profile spaces:

• I'm really interested in including some interviews with women who work in the tattoo industry in any way. Limited space for these pieces. If you'd like to participate in this way, just send me an email & I can send you the questions & any other information.

This is an unpaid project. I hope to be able to give each person who submits a free copy, printing costs depending. If I receive too many submissions to use, I may have to decline some where necessary. I reserve the right to choose the pieces that best fit the volume as a whole. I will of course endeavour to use everything that's submitted, but space and pages are limited.

I'm really excited to work on this project again & will also be making some enamel pins to sell alongside, based on the new cover artwork!

If you have any questions that can't be answered here, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Thank you for your support.

Katie xo
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