Hi! I'm Katie, I'm 27 and I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire with my husband, Josh, and our (not-so) little grey cat, Milo. We've just bought our first home, a Victorian through-terrace that needs A LOT of work.

I originally started this blog as an outlet to talk about my journey after coming off of the contraceptive pill, dealing with terrible hormonal acne and receiving a PCOS diagnosis. It was such a confusing time and I thought my experience could help others as well as introduce me to people in a similar position. I've since tried to branch out to fit into more of a lifestyle category and have updated the look and layout since those older posts.

I also muse about mental health, my adventures, life lessons and relationships, with the occasional style and beauty post thrown in. I aim to keep it real and to write honestly about my life experiences.

When I'm not blogging and hoovering up cat hair, I'm usually planning another adventure with Josh, adding to my plant collection and, for the foreseeable future, renovating our aforementioned home.

If you want to, you can:

- Find me on instagram - I post regularly!
- Follow me on pinterest.
- Email me: katie@coldgirlfever.com.


Can we send you our product in return for a post on your instagram/blog?

I am very anti-clutter and endeavour to not have "stuff" simply for the sake of having it. That being said, I love to collaborate with like-minded people/brands and am always open to accepting products if they are useful and fit in with my lifestyle and morals, or if I am an existing fan of your brand! Please email me if you think your brand or product aligns with my lifestyle and content.

Where can I buy a copy of your zine? 

I have now stopped printing the first volume of Love/Hate. Initially, I was only ever going to print 50 copies, but after opening it up for preorder, I received orders for triple that amount in the first week and ended up printing 400 copies. I had to draw the line somewhere and I don't currently have plans to re-print. If I do, or decide to produce a new volume, I will post about it first and foremost on my instagram. You can read more about the zine here.

How long have you been married?

I married Josh in September 2015 at City Hall, San Francisco. You can see more in my post 7 Things You Need To Know When Planning A Wedding and view our feature on Rock n Roll Bride here.

Who did your back piece?

Sway at Sacred Electric in Leeds did my back tattoo (and a lot of my other tattoos!). You can read a Q&A with me about my tattoos, style and the zine I created in 2016 over on the Things & Ink blog here.

What do you use to take and edit your photos?

I currently use my iPhone 6 to take photos and I always edit with VSCO. I occasionally use a Canon G9 for blog photos and have recently vowed to get to better grips with my little OM10 35mm camera.
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