May 18, 2016

How to Deal with Negativity from Strangers Online

How to Deal with Online Negativity from Strangers

If you're under the age of 30, chances are you've been using the internet and social media as a part of your everyday life since way back when. Our generation has grown up surrounded by advances in technology and increased digitalisation. I remember my first desktop PC, complete with Windows 95, handed down to me by my cousin...

May 11, 2016

Glamping at Camp Katur in the Magical Woodland Hide Unidome

Glamping at Camp Katur in the Magical Woodland Hide Unidome

It's May - how did that happen already?! I feel like April marked a change in the seasons. As wet and snowy as it's been at times, I felt like we could finally bid farewell to what felt like an eternal winter. Me and Josh have been day tripping every weekend lately and I'm feeling so much more energised.

April 22, 2016

Are You Using Organic During Your Time Of The Month?

Are You Using Organic Cotton Tampon and Pads During Your Time Of The Month?

If you know me, or have been reading my blog since last year, you know that I tend to talk about women's reproductive health. Hormones, fertility, periods, ovulation - I love it all. Nothing is TMI for me and I reject the notion that talking about periods is taboo or shameful. We need to own it and be able to have conversations with our friends, mums, sisters and colleagues in order to establish healthy, open dialogue and body literacy.

April 07, 2016

7 Things You Need To Know When Planning A Wedding

What I Learned From Planning A Wedding: How To Plan A Wedding And Stay Sane - My experience of planning a wedding with 7 tips to enable you to have the wedding you want. Cold Girl Fever 2016

Planning a wedding is supposed to be one of the most stressful life events we can experience. It's up there with moving house, illness, death and job loss. Personally, I don't know why anybody would want to be worrying themselves sick about sugared almonds when they're marrying the love of their life... And do you really think you're going to look back and remember the seating plan you spent weeks agonising over?

March 23, 2016

How I Help Ease Depression With 5 Self-Care Steps

My 5 Self Care Tips For Depression

Depression. It may not be the most upbeat topic for a lifestyle blog and it's a far cry from sugar-coated tutorials and styled photoshoots, but talking about mental health is high on my agenda, which, if you're a regular reader, you already know.

March 18, 2016

Why Is It So Hard To Be A Woman?

Why Is It So Hard To Be A Woman? (Me at Salvation Mountain)

Last week saw our social media feeds flood with appreciative, inspiring and bold posts for International Women's Day 2016. In a society where women are constantly pitted against one another, it's always refreshing to see women celebrate women for our strengths, achievements and all round bad-assery. I'm going to take a moment a whole post to say that being a woman is really hard, there's no denying it.

March 13, 2016

My Favourite Mini-Break Right Here In The Stunning UK Countryside

March is finally here. I've got spring fever. I don't know about you, but I am so ready for the warmer weather. Warm by British standards means anything above 12c, of course. I've been pining for outdoor time lately. The chance to stretch my legs and gulp down clean air. For me, winter spells hibernation. Blankets, baths, books and big fat mugs of tea. I have a confession...
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