January 02, 2015

Happy New Year!

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Hello and welcome to this scarily blank blog. It feels like a fresh notebook or cracking the spine on a new book. Pressure! It's a brand new year - what better time to start something from the beginning, right?
I've always been a 'writer' - not by any professional means, just in the same way that somebody doodles or fidgets I guess. I'm not great (understatement) at expressing myself verbally and since I was small I've wrote in diaries, notebooks, on my mum's walls (sorry big D) and had regular pen-pals.

As technology progresses, we are inundated with social media and blogging sites and I'm an avid user of such platforms. Around 5 years ago, I used blogspot almost like a journal, it was more an outlet than something I wanted other people to read. I find writing therapeutic and, for somebody with a million different thoughts racing through her head ALWAYS, it helps to untangle and process things. I also like interacting with other people and (edit: over)sharing online. Anyway, I've been toying with the idea of starting up a regular personal blog, with mental health, travel, lifestyle and beauty posts - a bit of an all-rounder - and here it is.

I'm going to kick off with a theme that's on all our minds right now - 2015.

I don't like 'resolutions' and I don't believe you should wait until January 1st to have a huge overhaul of your lifestyle/diet/relationships/hobbies, only to fall flat on your face by February and feel ashamed. It's all about making small, positive changes continuously - much more effective and less stressful than joining the 'new year, new me' herd.

A personal goal this year is to look after myself more. I'm an advocate of self-care and being kind to oneself, but when the going gets tough and there's all sorts of crappy situations happening like a domino effect (more on those later), it's easy to forget to take time for myself; a bath, spending time with my records, reading, yoga, eating three meals a day... These are all the things I do actively when I'm in a good state of mind. When I'm not, I barely have the motivation to wash my hair even though I know I will feel better for it. It's a strange and cruel cycle is depression. So, I'm going to remind myself to stick to doing the things that make me feel good and help to keep me on a steady path.

I've also been working on letting things go. It can be as little a thing as somebody saying or posting something that has got on my nerves, or perhaps it's bigger, say, a grudge about a specific person/event. Before this 'thing' manifests into something bigger and ruins my day, I tell myself LET. IT. GO. Of course it's never that easy, but a gentle reminder can be all it takes to stop me stewing on something that isn't relevant to today, right now, here. I want to be a lighter person, free of baggage and drama. After the year I've had, it really is an important exercise for me personally, just to LET. IT. GO.

I'd love to hear about your goals/hopes/dreams for the year ahead - drop me a line in the comment box below and/or find me on Instagram/Twitter.

Until next time xo

P.S. I promise I won't always be this serious going forward...

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