January 06, 2015

“Every mile is two in winter...”

 A picture of a woman with tattooed legs holding a cup of tea and sitting on a Pendleton wool blanker

I was born in August. I'm a Leo*. I was going to be called Summer until my parents realised we are not starring in an American sitcom. I need sunshine and warmth to thrive. I know it's cliché and so very British to complain about the weather, but I'm going to anyway. Fight me.

I don't know for sure if it's some kind of SAD or just an extension of my not-so-sunny disposition, but I feel like I float through October-February feeling totally numb. It's almost a defence mechanism because I. Just. Can't. Cope. I think if I shut off and hide away until it's above 10 degrees celsius again, that it won't affect me as much. Except it does. I am less sociable - as an already anxious introvert who prefers books to humans, that means I don't go outside much. It pains me to go outside. I lose motivation for life. I flake on my friends. I rush to do my errands and get back to the safety of my central heated home as soon as I can. I sound awfully dramatic.

It's not just the temperature that bothers me - because I do actually like wrapping up in my awesome collection of jumpers... it's the darkness too. We are lucky to get 6 hours of proper daylight and even then it's cloudy and grey. My beloved cactus shrivel up. My skin goes a whole new shade of Irish. I can't take decent selfies or photos of my cats doing hilarious things - it's a real problem, I know. I just hate WINTER. I feel like it's a huge inconvenience and I can't embrace it. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to live in California, but you know, visas don't come easy. Then I thought maybe somewhere like Greece, but the food is pretty terrible if you're a vegetarian who hates cold salad. So, I'm stuck for the time being making excuses to not go outside - which really isn't that difficult when we throw Netflix, cats, a warm fiancé, hot baths and mugs of tea into the equation.

How do you get through the cold months? Any self-care tips? Leave a comment below! xo

* Sorry to break it to you, but I'm an astrology-loving hippie, I understand if you want to leave the room and never return.


  1. somewhere in between california and greece there is barcelona :) fantastic city, awesome food and...the perfect weather! actually, i would like to feel the real winter sometimes! I just have to move a little bit far away from the coast to feel it, but here in barcelona city... the weather is fantastic for people like you!

    1. Hello! Moving to Barcelona has been something I've thought about. I've visited three times and it's one of my favourite places in the world. One day, maybe! I don't speak much (any!) Spanish unfortunately.

    2. i'm happy you like it
      you can always learn spanish..never too late :)

  2. Im from sunny southern California but living in Philadelphia and these cold dark winter months are really getting to me! I can say I have experienced everything you mentioned (I'm also a LEO), from lack of motivation for small errands and tasks to my poor succulents from San Diego looking shriveled and sad. I know seasonal depression is so common, but i cant seem to find a common way to fix it. 40 days until Spring! Til then, I suppose Netflix, coffee and reading enlightening blogs will have to suffice :)


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